Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ghouls’ night out raises charity cash - Daily Post North Wales

Ghouls’ night out raises charity cash - Daily Post North Wales

A GHOULS’ night out at a haunted mansion raised spirits – and plenty of cash for a good cause.

Staff from the Wrexham-based care organisation Pendine Park went on a paranormal vigil at one of the most haunted houses in Wales.

They followed in the footsteps of pop stars Girls Aloud by spending the night at Plas Teg, near Mold.

The girl band filmed their spooky experiences for a television programme, Most Haunted.

But the aim of Pendine Park’s sponsored fright night was to raise money for their residents’ fund.

The group of 12 staff raised £400 to pay for special treats for the residents.

As the spine-chilling antics were for such a good cause, Pendine Park proprietor Mario Kreft stumped up the £40 registration fee for each of the brave participants.

And the would-be ghost busters were not disappointed – because the Plas Teg spooks were not shy on the night.

Senior care practitioner Claire Venables said: “I was really scared before we went.

“When we went into the Cradle Room things started happening in there. I felt someone standing next to me.

“It was really weird in there and I didn’t like that room.

“It was horrible but then I started experiencing things like, it went really cold where it had been really hot and I wanted to take my jumper off – but then suddenly the temperature just dropped.

“I actually recorded the temperature, it was 16 degrees and it dropped to 0.6 degrees right in front of me.

“I must admit that did quite unnerve me.”

Receptionist Sue Owens was equally impressed with the spine-chilling experience – so much so that she’s now considering becoming a paranormal investigator.

She said: “It was brilliant, I saw a couple of flashing lights, my mobile changed colour and moved from the bottom of my bag to the top of my bag.

“I saw flashing lights under the door and, apparently, on the television you could see that there were orbs and other stuff flashing all around me.”