Monday, December 31, 2007

Stuart Cable puts block on web claims - icWales

Stuart Cable puts block on web claims - icWales

STUART CABLE has rubbished the claims of a celebrity psychic that he has cashed in on a foreign business venture and met a new partner.

New medium on the block Gavin Cromwell makes the claims on his website, boasting he predicted both things for the former Stereophonics drummer and that they had come true.

But Stuart, now performing with new band Killing for Company, told Wales on Sunday that he was naturally sceptical of psychics but had been roped into visiting Cromwell for the 25-year-old’s TV show Spirit Seekers, due to be aired in the New Year.

It is billed on the fortune teller’s website as ‘a brand new concept in paranormal television’.

And Cromwell claims: “I told Stuart Cable, the former Stereophonics drummer, that I saw a business venture abroad and a new partner and he’s told me that it had come true.”

The musician, who also has a show on Cardiff-based XFM South Wales, said: “With someone like myself you can just go on the net and get a lot of background. I’m very sceptical and cautious when I go into these things.

“I turned over four cards and he told me that there was going to be some venture and a load of money, which everyone likes to hear.”

Asked if there was, the 37-year-old Aberdare-born musician said: “No, not really.”

He added: “He turned over a tarot card called the six of cups and said ‘that’s a good card, because it’s to do with the financial part of your life’. He said ‘it will be something over the next few months that will make you money’.

“I bought a property abroad but I would not say that was a business venture.”

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Berwyn UFO puzzle to be solved at last - Daily Post North Wales

Berwyn UFO puzzle to be solved at last - Daily Post North Wales

MINISTRY of Defence files on what conspiracy theory fans believe may have been a UFO crash in North Wales are expected to be released next year.

The Berwyn Mountains incident sparked mystery in 1974 with unexplained lights in the sky, an earthquake and secretive men in suits.

MoD chiefs confirmed yesterday they are publishing a raft of so-called UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) files stretching back to the 1960s.

This is because of the huge number of inquiries on UFOs.

The Berwyn Mountains incident happened on January 20, 1974.

The people of Llandderfel and Llandrillo villages in the Berwyn mountains near Bala, sat down to that evening’s TV.

But the quiet was shattered by the rumbles of an earthquake, registering 3.5 on the Richter scale.

As people ran from their houses, fearing another tremor, they witnessed a blaze of light on the mountainside above.

A local nurse and her daughters claimed they watched as a huge egg-shaped craft lay on the ground with a pulsating orange and red glow.

Police and the military converged on the hills, expecting to discover a crashed passenger jet – but what they did find has never been divulged.

Some think it was an experimental man-made top secret military aircraft, possibly a prototype Stealth bomber.

Local farmer Hugh Lloyd was just 14 at the time.

He told the Daily Post: “ It was pretty scary. I have never experienced anything like it.

“It was pretty dark. You could hardly see anything on the mountain and then all of a sudden this incredibly bright light lit up the sky, like an arc welder, two or three miles away, lasting for about 20-30 seconds. You could make out details in the countryside around.”

In the days following, scientists and investigators, some of whom could have been from official departments, combed the area.

Mr Lloyd was questioned about the incident, the light and asked exactly what it looked like. “I do not believe that it was a UFO but I would like to find out exactly what it was.”

Although the MoD would not confirm categorically the incident – widely dubbed the “Welsh Roswell” – would be in the documents, it said a large amount of material would be released.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “There is no date set but it will be published next year.

“It is going to take time because there are a lot of handwritten documents.”

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things that go bump in the night... - icWales

Things that go bump in the night... - icWales

TALES of the unexpected have fascinated people for centuries, but never has the search for the paranormal been so popular.

There seems to be almost an obsession (well, on satellite channels anyway) with things that go bump in the night, so I went along to Llancaiach Fawr Manor to see for myself.

Having visited the museum on school trips, the most scary experience I had had was nearly being sick on the bus from eating the ridiculous amount of sandwiches and chocolate my mam always used make me take on every outing.

I didn’t expect this night to be any different, although I promised myself I’d only eat the one KitKat this time.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor in Nelson has a rich and colourful history, after being built in 1530 it has survived through the reigns of the Tudors and Stuarts and it is thought played host to King Charles I during the Civil War.

The living history museum has such a reputation, that a team from the LivingTV series Most Haunted, stayed overnight in their quest to prove that ghosts exist.

After it was voted one of the top ten most haunted places in Britain, Yvette Fielding, and animated scouse psychic Derek Acorah investigated the possibilities that a former housekeeper, known as Martha or “Mattie” still stares out of her bedroom window, and children from hundreds of years ago still play on the stairs.

During the programme, Derek said Martha was murdered and one of the crew witnessed a shadowy figure.

I’m neither a sceptic or a believer, so I was keeping an open mind. To be honest, I desperately wanted something to happen, but no matter how much I squinted my eyes I just couldn’t see that lady in the window who so many people have reported....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Students’ spooky ordeal for zoo fund - Daily Post North Wales

Students’ spooky ordeal for zoo fund - Daily Post North Wales: "Dec 8 2007 by Carl Butler, Daily Post

A GROUP of National Diploma Animal Management students from the Welsh College of Horticulture have donated a cheque of just under �200 to the Welsh Mountain Zoo after completing a scary enterprising challenge.

A group of six level two students at the Northop college, accompanied by two tutors and the Cheshire Paranormal Society, spent the night in the apparently haunted Stanley Palace in Chester.

During the night the students used the powers of a medium to try and make contact with spirits present in the Grade I listed building, which was built in the 17th Century.Š

The night proved to be a hive of activity with moving tables and alleged communications with another world.

With the hard bit over, the students took the opportunity to enjoy a day out of the classroom at the Welsh Mountain Zoo to hand the cheque over to management for the new alligator exhibit."