Friday, January 18, 2008

Psychic Gavin can see a bright future ahead - icWales

Psychic Gavin can see a bright future ahead - icWales

THE future looks bright for a celebrity psychic.

Gavin Cromwell, aged 26, of Tythegston, has read the lives of some of the biggest names in showbusiness.

He has visited stately homes and mansions the length and breadth of the country and worked with stars such as Pete Burns and the Osbournes.

More locally, he has read for Stuart Cable, Jamie Baulch and Peter Karrie.

Last week, he was involved in filming MTV’s new programme Crazy In Love, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Kerry Katona. He went to see her and gave a no-holds-barred reading.

He said: “It was great and the reading was quite a mixed bag. She was lovely but very troubled.”

Using a brand of pyschometry, he can also read from old objects and recently picked up information from one of John Lennon’s jackets.

He put it on at the Beatles Museum and, from inside the “white room” made famous by Lennon’s Imagine, he unearthed secrets hidden for years.

Manager Martin Clowes, of The Event Service, believes Cromwell has what it takes.

“He’s doing very, very well for himself,” he said.

“Not only is he the celebrity psychic medium, he’s a celebrity in his own right.”

But here in Wales, he is something of a “hidden gem”, and Mr Clowes insists he is definitely no fraud.

He said: “Gavin doesn’t know how to research online – he has a job putting the computer on. When we go out on jobs, we don’t tell him where he is going.”

The psychic medium caters for all kinds of people, and has had the gift since the age of four.

“I saw things and situations when other people couldn’t,” he said.

“I would draw my memories, and my mother’s kept them all to this day.”

But in the early days, his parents were not so convinced.

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